Add perceived value to your fashion designs with the brilliant accent of precious metals!  You can use DecoFilm™ and other fashion lines to accentuate your design.

DecoFilm™ products all give a metal foil appearance.  The “Super” styles offer a slightly softer hand, stretchability and when applied will take on the texture of the garment.  The “Brilliant” styles offer a smoother, chrome-like surface but do not stretch and will not layer.

SUBLIMATION FRIENDLY: All Brilliant colors can be sublimated onto, except the Silver & Gold.

Product Photos

Product Colors

  • SS-5200_Super_Silver
  • SH-5201_Metallic_Holo
  • Super Gold
  • SR-5301_Super_Red
  • SR-5310_Super_Fuchsia
  • SB-5522_Super_Blue
  • SG-5633_Super_Green
  • BR-5202_Brilliant_Rainbow
  • BA-5203_Brilliant_Aqua
  • BR-5204_Brilliant_Red
  • BS-5205_Brilliant_Silver
  • BF-5206_Brilliant_Fuchsia
  • BO-5208_Brilliant_Orange
  • BB-5209_Brilliant_Royal_Blue
  • BG-5255_Brilliant_Gold
  • Brilliant Rainbow Opaque
  • Brilliant Amethyst
  • BP-5212_Brilliant_Pink
  • Brilliant Clear
  • BG-5213_Brilliant_Green
  • Brilliant Gold
  • Brilliant Light Gold
  • Brilliant Rose Gold BG-5265

Tech Info