Our DecoFLOCK Economy is similar to our premium line at a more economical price.

This product comes in 18” width only.

Product Photos

Product Colors

  • White DFE-6100
  • Grey DFE-6150
  • Black DFE-6236
  • Red DFE-6301
  • Medium Pink DFE-6307
  • Fire Red DFE-6317
  • Magenta DFE-6355
  • Bright Gold DFE-6410
  • Athletic Gold DFE-6426
  • Navy Blue DFE-6513
  • Royal Blue DFE-6522
  • Columbia Blue DFE-6576
  • Royal Purple DFE-6584
  • Bright Green DFE-6620
  • Kelly Green DFE-6633

Tech Info