DecoFlock™ Premium Plus provides the 3-dimensional look and feel of soft velvet. It has excellent cutting and weeding properties and has great wash resistance. Add perceived value to logos, numbers, lettering, and fashion designs.

NEW COLORS NOV 2016: Light Yellow, Maroon, Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Neon Green.

Product Photos

Product Colors

  • DFPP-001_White
  • DFPP-110_Yellow
  • DFPP-180_Orange
  • DFPP-200_Red
  • DFPP-210_Signal_Red
  • DFPP-250_Magenta
  • DFPP-300_Blue
  • DFPP-310_Ice_Blue
  • DFPP-320_Sky_Blue
  • DFPP-400_Green
  • DFPP-700_Black
  • DFPP-730_Grey
  • DFPP-780_Anthracite
  • DFPPN-101_Neon_Yellow
  • DFPPN-201_Neon_Red
  • DFPPN-241_Neon_Pink

Tech Info