This is a high quality embroidery appliqué with the same great look of the GlitterFlex™ ULTRA. It’s time for the embroidery market to get in on the GlitterFlex™ Ultra action.

This material comes ready for embroidering and has no carrier attached. It has a high quality heat seal adhesive on the back for even more staying power.

This product can be used on cheerleader uniforms, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, bags, etc. and can also be sublimated. (Some photos courtesy of Stitch -N- Stuff.)

Product Photos

Product Colors

  • GFU-EMB_01_Silver
  • GFU-EMB_02_Gold
  • GFU-EMB_03_Red
  • GFU-EMB_04_Pink
  • GFU-EMB_07_Black_Gold
  • GFU-EMB_11_Black
  • GFU-EMB_19_Green
  • GFU-EMB_20_Copper
  • GFU-EMB_22_Navy_Blue
  • GFU-EMB_26_Royal_Blue
  • GFU-EMB_27_Hot_Pink
  • GFU-EMB_28_Dark_Green
  • GFU-EMB_31_Dark_Gold

Tech Info