FashionFlex™ films are preprinted transfer materials in popular patterns that add imaginative fun and printed character to plotter-cut lettering, numbers or custom designs. Carbon Fiber, Silver and Red Snake, Manta Ray Orange, Semi Punched Silver, Denims, Spangles, Imitation Twills, Marbles and Carboniums are gravure printed for a textured look and feel.

You can use FashionFlex™ films with our ThermoFlex® and other fashion lines to add value and depth to your designs.

Product Photos

Product Colors

  • Red Denim FP-1061
  • Beige Denim FP-1071
  • Carbon Fiber FP-1080
  • Carbonium Gold FP-1091
  • Carbonium Red FP-1101
  • Graffiti FP-1121
  • Zebra FP-1131
  • Tiger FP-1135
  • Camouflage FP-1151
  • Red Snake FP-1163
  • GreenSpangle FP-1171
  • FP-1172_Gold_Spangle
  • FP-1173_Silver_Spangle
  • FP-1181_Red_Marble
  • FP-1183_Blue_Marble
  • FP-1191_Leopard
  • FP-1192_Manta_Ray_Orange
  • FP-1193_Semi_Punched_Silver
  • FP-1194_Universal_Sports
  • FP-1195_Imitation_Blue_Twill
  • FP-1196_Imitation_Gold_Twill
  • FP-1197_Imitation_Red_Twill

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