Premium DecoFlock™ provides the 3-dimensional look and feel of soft velvet with a fuzzy feel.

Premium DecoFlock™ is a lower cost alternative to embroidery, giving the look and feel of distinction and adding perceived value to logos, numbers, lettering and fashion designs.  Premium DecoFlock™ can be layered on top of our ThermoFlex® materials for an added dynamic effect.

This product comes in 15” width only.

Product Photos

Product Colors

  • DF-6100_White
  • DF-6150_Grey
  • DF-6236_Black
  • DF-6301_Red
  • DF-6307_Medium_Pink
  • DF-6317_Fire_Red
  • DF-6333_Orange
  • DF-6350_Maroon
  • DF-6355_Magenta
  • DF-6426_Athletic_Gold
  • DF-6472_Lemon_Yellow
  • DF-6513_Navy_Blue
  • DF-6522_Royal_Blue
  • DF-6556_Vivid_Blue
  • DF-6576_Columbia_Blue
  • DF-6578_Turquoise
  • DF-6584_Royal_Purple
  • DF-6620_Bright_Green
  • DF-6633_Kelly_Green
  • DF-6789_Brown
  • DF-6940_Neon_Green

Tech Info